Sean in Seattle


Warning to Americans, if something seems wrong on this site and makes your head hurt, don't worry its just that you are not getting the joke. this is because you have no sense of humour; satire, irony and sarcasm are all lost on you. If that is the case, save your vitriol for someone that cares and move along. Nothing for you to see here.

Sean is an Emmy award winning musician and entrepreneur, and yes well you probably stopped reading this already, but in case you are still here while all that is true, its a teensy bit misleading 🙂

While I did get an Emmy, it wasn't for my music, which you have almost certainly never heard, but you maybe be able to find on this website and Soundcloud if you look hard enough (but before you look, please read the warning above), and I did briefly run my own company in between 15 year stint at HP Labs and being acquired by Microsoft, but in the main what I did for the last 30 odd years isn't really very relevant.

I quit formal work as of February 2017. I'm now on what you might call an extended sabbatical to explore my inner shed. This website will document any aspects of that I feel appropriate to be public and a place to spout my not inconsiderable wisdom. If that sounds interesting to you and you can deal with the heavy cockney sarcasm and irony, then great, welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. If not, feel free to find something else on the inter webs to amuse you. If you want to complain, please direct all correspondence to /dev/null.

The sabbatical and hey I am interested in the last 30 years

OK, I did do some cool stuff over the years, some of which I might be prepared to talk about here from time to time, but this is unlikely to be much of a tech blog, or deal with accessibility, media or anything else from my past you might associate me with. Some of those subjects are still interesting to me, but I've deliberately decided to step away from them. If there is something you are dying to know tho, dont hesitate to drop me aline and we'll work something out.

But wait, where's the Ghettocaster gone...

Wondering what happened to the Ghettocaster? Don't worry its alive and well and still happily offending both Gibson and Fender fanbois alike. It has changed a little, has a new pick guard and I took out the neck pickup and put in ghost saddle pickups for midi output. Plays great, weighs next to nothing, fits in a shopping bag and now works pretty much exclusively  with my VG-99 so it sounds like any guitar you can imagine.  If I can be arsed I may do an update on it some day, please up vote on the button if you care.