Beginning where you are

The state of shed is not an esoteric concept, achieved by diligent adherents to an ascetic lifestyle over decades. It is easily achievable in your daily life, it arises naturally from who you are. Your main challenge is generally to get out of your own way to let it happen.

There is no seven step program, or one weird trick. No self help book that guides you with this unfortunately. But by paying attention to yourself, applying yourself to what is true for you, doing what you were meant to do, it is possible for you to achieve the state of shed, and relatively quickly. You can transcend your past, you are the only one re-telling that story over and over again; if you stop re-telling it, no one will miss it but you, and in it‘s absence you will start to find the unfolding of the true story of today that is you, as you.

Begin where you are today. Everything that has happened before now is sunk capital, it is lost to you; keep a few fond memories on hand, and yes even make the odd visit to your past, but don‘t live there. Every day take some time to just sit and be. No screens, no phones, no conversations, no reading. If you find this hard at first, you can do some gentle movements to stop the chatter in your mind from taking over, but don‘t get obsessive about what it is, or study it; that‘s just involving the brain again, which is counter productive, Just move around naturally, listen to your breath. Eventually you will find being alone with your breath sufficient.

Being in the moment, with no agenda, let‘s you stop reacting blindly to things that are continually coming at you. You will soften and be more receptive and accepting of things. Letting go of the past, and not worrying about the future. This moment is yours now; enjoy it, live it, be it. Just listen to your breath, exhale away your tensions, worries and questions. Inhale in new experience, understanding and take peace in the brief moments between your breaths.


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